About Us

We are a family business, built on family values since 2015.

We offer a Free, honest, and straightforward approach to selling your PICKUP or SUV.  You can sell it for FREE. Yes, FREE with NO HASSLE in the process.  We will give you a straightforward price on your vehicle with no strings attached, simply fill out a few questions and one of us will have you an answer right away.

Our principle business is buying vehicles in Western Canada and moving them south to United States for re distribution.  We believe in a fair process for both you the seller and ourselves.  With the situation of the currency exchange we are confident that we can offer you a fair price when quoting for your vehicle.

It is our intent to keep the transaction clean and simple and it is our goal to ensure you feel comfortable through the entire process.  It is our goal that you'll be satisfied and refer us to someone you know in the same situation of selling there vehicle.

Thank you,

Tyler Kohut